25th CHRR Top Fuel Q3


Top Fuel 3rd Round Qualifying from the 25th CHRR.

Already-qualified Rick McGee runs 5.97 while Phil Ruskowski puts up another 6.70 with his billet small-block Chevy and DNQs.

Non-qualified Terry Cox smokes the tires and misses the show, while Bret Williamson steers Mike Fuller’s “Forever Young” into the show with a 5.83, bumping out his brother, Rick Williamson and putting Pete Kaiser on the bump spot for this 8-car eliminator.

Bill Dunlap clocks a stellar 5.65 at a smoldering 250 mph, while bubble-boy Kaiser never hits the throttle and coasts to the top end.

Tyler Hilton smokes and pedals his Bobby Hilton-tuned “Great Expectations” to a 7.13, chasing down a passing Brendan Murry who posts a 7.44. Neither driver qualifies for the program.

John Rasmussen records a 6.10 at 196 mph while catching a nice view of Rick Williamson motoring into the program with a solid 5.72 at 238 mph. Williamson bumps out Kaiser, which leaves Bret Williamson in the last spot on the eliminator. Rasmussen DNQs.

Lastly, Adam Sorokin shuts off and turns a 5.94 at 189 mph while Jim Murphy rockets to a 5.63 at an outstanding 254 mph.

Final Results:

1. Bartone: 5.57
2. Murphy: 5.62
3. Dunlap: 5.65
4. Sorokin, 5.68
5. Rick Williamson: 5.72
6. Green: 5.70
7. McGee: 5.80
8. Bret Williamson: 5.83


9. Kaiser 5.84
10. Cox: 5.94, 244
11. Rasmussen: 6.09
12. Tyler Hilton: 6.20, 195
13. Ruskowski: 6.70
14. Murry: 7.05
15. Horan, Jr: 7.42




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