25th CHRR Top Fuel Q1


Top Fuel 1st Round Qualifying from the 25th CHRR:

Fritz Kaiser posts a 6.42-second 1/4-mile elapsed time in Pete Wittenberg’s “Circuit Breaker” as Adam Sorokin records a 5.77 at 225 mph in the “Champion Speed Shop” dragster.

Jim Murphy powers to a 5.62 at a blistering 264 mph, numbers good for Low ET and Top Speed while McGee gives pursuit with a 5.80 at 235 mph.

Bret Williamson turns a 6.04 while Tony Bartone lays down a 5.64 at 232 mph.

Rick Williamson goes 5.66 at 225 mph in the “Team Craig” machine, but greases the top end and trucks roll in his stead. Inaugural CHRR winner Bill Dunlap, in his first pass back since the crash at this year’s March Meet, turns a 6.00 in the newly front-halfed “High Speed Motorsports” car.

Brendan Murry posts a 7.14 at 132 mph while Terry Cox records a 5.94 at 244 in the “Cheetah IV.”

Canadian Phil Ruskowski puts up a 6.46 in his billet SBC-powered machine, while Tyler Hilton turns a 6.20 at 195 mph in the “Great Expectations III” digger.

John Rasmussen makes his premier pass in the old RE3 pipe at 7.24, while Dusty Green smokes the hides and crawls to a 22.40 in his “Nitro-Hemi.”

And lastly, Dan Horan goes 7.42.

Your provisional ladder:

1. Murphy: 5.62, 264
2. Bartone: 5.64, 232
3. Sorokin: 5.77, 225
4. McGee: 5.80, 234
5. Cox: 5.94, 244
6. Dunlap: 6.00, 189
7. Bret Williamson: 6.04, 237
8. Tyler Hilton: 6.20, 195


9. Kaiser 6.42
10. Murry: 7.14
11. Rasmussen: 7.24
12. Horan: 7.42
13. Green: 22.40
14. Ruskowski: 28.00
15. Rick Williamson: DQ



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